Music, art, literature, encounters and education under one roof

Art exhibitions, concerts and other public events will be held at Les Arts Gstaad. The concert hall with 1200 seats will replace the tent used by the Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy. Les Arts Gstaad will provide a platform for local and international artists and for emerging young talents by giving them a cultural home under a shared roof.

Les Arts Gstaad aims to strengthen the position of the Saanenland as a renowned region with a worldwide reputation for quality and to improve its attractiveness as an all year round tourist destination.

Les Arts Gstaad places more value on quality than on quantity and will lead to a new era of Alpine culture – through a unique combination of established cultural traditions and numerous contemporary productions. The cultural centre will attract both international and national artists and culture lovers, thereby opening up new customer segments for the tourist destination – also during the slower months in spring and autumn.

The cultural infrastructure of Les Arts Gstaad is to be privately financed. The public purse will finance the transport infrastructure – provided the municipal assembly gives its blessing to the project in 2015.