Second public inspection of the development plan

The Board of the «Les Arts Gstaad» Foundation and the municipal authorities have decided to make the development plan for the three separate structures with three different owners available for a second public inspection in spring 2016. This will be done after the projects have been assessed by the municipal and cantonal authorities. The various parts of the whole, i.e. access tunnel (owner: municipality of Saanen), railway project (owner: MOB) and cultural centre (owner: Les Arts Gstaad Foundation ), will be assessed simultaneously in one combined planning application. Once this has been completed, objections raised have been dealt with and financing is guaranteed, the authorities will ask a municipal assembly to vote on the implementation of the project, the corresponding loans and the necessary contracts.

All changes should be interpreted as project amendments in response to initial objections. The first public inspection (Development plan 79: «Les Arts / Ried») allowed conflicts to be analysed and solutions sought. This shake-out process demonstrated where, in a second round, adjustments would be needed. Therefore, the local people are being given a second chance to consider the projectzeigte – and to express their concerns with respect to these adjustments by raising objections and making suggestions for immprovements.