Newsletter No.11; July 2017
Building permission procedure: One step before the municipal council meeting

The Board of the Les Arts Gstaad Foundation is delighted to report you in this Newsletter of the latest, positive developments in the Les Arts Gstaad project.

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Newsletter No.10; December 2015

The Les Arts Gstaad project has again been significantly improved

The Board of the Les Arts Gstaad Foundation is delighted to inform you in this Newsletter of the latest, most encouraging developments.

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Newsletter No.9; December 2014

Les Arts Gstaad is of great significance for the future of our region

Politicians, tradespeople, retailers and representatives of the cultural and tourist sectors comment on Les Arts Gstaad. Approval and support are considerable.

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Newsletter No.8; August 2014

The core team behind the Les Arts Gstaad project has now been at work for nine years

Although the basic parameters of this project have become much clearer during this period, the objective remains the same: to build a cultural centre in the Saanenland.

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Newsletter No.6; December 2012

How has the project Les Arts Gstaad 2012 been developing?

All participants have been doing a great job. The architectural team around Rudy Ricciotti developed the APD (avant projet défi nitif), which is used for the building application. The lawyers and engineers fi nished the building ordinance, the authorities published them for participation, and informed residents, voters and interested people got together at several events with representatives of the Foundation.

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Newsletter No. 5; August 2012

Art exhibitions – initial concept ideas

Art experts and curators are currently putting together initial exhibition concepts for “LES ARTS GSTAAD”s Foundation Board. Gstaad and its art lovers are to be able to enjoy topclass, traditional as well as modern and contemporary art. This is because “LES ARTS GSTAAD” is to reach a wide audience: music, arts as well as lovers of good literature.

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Newsletter No.4; February 2012

What qualitative further development will provide

LES ARTS GSTAAD will be a striking, distinctive building; the building’s dimensions and the concert hall have been amended to blend more with its surroundings and to take new ideas into account: a plus in terms of both acoustics and atmosphere.

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